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why we do what we do.

The Coach Harp Organization began in early 2020, as the marketing entity for Coach Harp - The Influencer Project

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About Us

Coach Harp, the Influencer, had accumulated a substantial and active personal following on several social media platforms over the previous eight years and the founder (Harpal Sandhu aka Coach Harp) wanted to take things to the next level.


Coach Harp, has been actively involved in coaching amateur football athletes for over two decades and wanted to communicate lessons that he discovered for athlete transformation, which is today, known as The Coach Harp Way.


This set of values is the foundation for Coach Harp, the Influencer and The Coach Harp Organization.

Image by Lou Batier

The Coach Harp Organization grew out of the communities, marketing networks and strategies that were created through the new structure.


The organization's competencies now encompass video production and distribution partnerships, influencer development and management programs, online community building and initial coin offering marketing.

"We want you to succeed. You know what your company's needs are,
our goal is to partner with you to fulfill them."

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